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The difficulty, the need and the rules

How should we learn a fundamental identity

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Only when you need

How I enriched a non-interesting activity of proportionality

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Quadratics: the unit that I don’t proud of

I explain why Quadratics is the unit that I don’t proud of

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Aitor’s theorem

Sometimes, good moments of reasoning appear in classroom

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From intractable problem to tractable one

How I transform an intractable problem for my students to tractable one

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Informal assessment of 2016 MTBoS mentoring program

An informal assessment of my participation in the 2016 MTBoS mentoring program

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Writing analogy: calligraphy copybooks, applications and books

Different types of activities

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I’m in wayback (Internet Archive)

Internet Archive via Wayback stores my page

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Flipped classroom professional training via one book

I bought Flipping with Kirch by Crystal Kirch

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Time to study

I bought two books for study how to make interesting classes

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Discovering relations between graphs and algebraic formulas

Discovering relations between graphics and algebraic formulas using guessing and trying to prove…

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What would you need for making a local shoe fabric?

I introduce this question for introducing Statistics

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Index of blog of

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MTBoS mentoring program

I enrolled in the 2016 MTBoS mentoring program as mentoree

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Teacher assessment

My students assess me with a regular poll (at the end of each course) and I analize my week points

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How do you get teacher training in Balearic Islands

What are my possibilities of continuing training as a teacher

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What will be my next assessment function

This will be my next assessment function

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El meu repositori d’activitats (i altres coses)

Com he creat el meu repositori públic d’activitats, documents, etc.

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I do not teach standard deviation (I teach mean deviation instead)

Why we have to teach standard deviation?

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Enrich your actitivies: use as many verbs as you could

How I enriched a non-interesting activity of proportionality

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Com hauríem d’ensenyar

Què i com s’hauria d’ensenyar a les escoles

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Making research about open questions

How I manage the work of doing research work of my students

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More books…

I bought three more books for reading

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The teaching time and working time

What are my working time and teaching time

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Good intentions

My best intentions to next course

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[Activity] It’s raining

I introduce a new activity: it’s raining