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[Activity] It’s raining

As one of my favorite blogroll authors does [1], I’ve decided to write a post every time I upload a new activity. Or at least when I upload an interesting one. Thus I could explain why I would choose this activity and how I would made it. And people who are subscribed to my blog could discover new activities1

On October 6th, it rained at my house [click on the image to see the video].

video a vimeo

So I saw, immediately, the chance to make some questions:

  • How much did it rain when rainfall is finished? Because of that, I decided to put my watering can outdoors and then mesure the water inside [can you see in the video?].
  • Because there is an storm, could we prove the “Rule of Lightning and Sound”: seconds/5 is the distance between the storm and my house [2]?
  • The day after the rainfall, there will be official records of rainfall (we have a network of weather stations). So, can I estimate the amount of rainfall from their records? By this reason, I’ve choosen near weather stations and I’ve made a interactive map with rainfalls (between 00h - 24h on October 6h) and put my home in red on the map2

Do you have the whole activity here: in english and in catalan


[1] Meyer, D. Category: 3acts. 2016.

[2] WikiHow. How to calculate the distance from lightning. 2016.

  1. I remember that you could also subscribe to my cabinet.

  2. It is not really my home ;-)